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The International Conference and Exhibition


Cyber, HLS, and Innovation

NOVEMBER 2-3, 2022

Expo Tel Aviv, Pavilion 2 (101 Rokach Blvd., Tel Aviv)

INNOTECH 2022 – Attended by hundreds of companies from Israel and abroad, thousands of visitors and delegations from all over the globe will visit Israel for the event, being a unique space of meeting for decision-makers, government officials, leading industry experts, entrepreneurs, venture capital funds and investors, and advanced research centers.

INNOTECH gives participants a unique opportunity to network and create new connections, strengthen international bonds and get to know the latest innovations and solutions of the international cyber community.

INNOTECH Tel Aviv is held in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Israel National Cyber Directorate.


INNOTECH will host the leaders of the cyber revolution to discuss topics of common interest and meet colleagues, with panel discussions featuring top decision-makers, government officials, and industry executives addressing the most challenging issues in the cyber world and all its sectors.

The INNOTECH exhibition and conference offer a unique opportunity for technology companies, government organizations, and organizations from around the world to exhibit their latest cyber developments and solutions in the forefront of the international innovation arena. Furthermore, the exhibition provides a platform for companies and organizations to show their technological advancements in cyber security solutions, and for startup companies to show their products and get global exposure.

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Conference and Exhibition
Cyber, HLS, and Innovation International Event
Expo Tel Aviv, Pavilion 2

Due to the growing cyber and HLS challenges – such as critical infrastructures, municipal cyber and intelligence challenges, smart cities, smart transportation, cloud security, terrorist attacks, public security threats, as well as criminal actions and natural disasters – municipalities, districts, and states have been looking for innovative and ground-breaking technological solutions. The COVID-19 pandemic has only emphasized the importance of technological innovation in the development of a rapid response to every evolving crisis and substantially accelerated digital processes.

Keynote Addresses:

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett

Orit Farkash Hacohen, Minister of Innovation, Science & Technology

Dr. Yoaz Hendel, Israel Minister of Communications

Dr. Ron Malka, Director General, Israel Ministry of Economy

Dr. Rytis Rinys, Director of National Cyber Security Center under Ministry of National Defense, Republic of Lithuania

Erez Tidhar, Executive Director, Israel National CERT, Israel National Cyber Directorate

This large event provides an effective business arena and an opportunity for B2B meetings, inspiring professional content by the best experts, intriguing panel discussions, startups, and a demonstration of ground-breaking products.


Among the Participants 

The conference will be attended by senior officials from the municipal sector – municipalities, districes, and states, the defense establishment, police, security and intelligence agencies, senior executives from the defense industries, technology companies, and hundreds of startups from Israel and the world.


Decision-makers, CEOs, CTOs, CISOs, Head of Innovation, Head of Business Development, etc., expertizing in technological developments for intelligence, for critical infrastructure, smart cities, smart transportation, cloud security, anti-terror and counter drugs, first responders, protection of critical infrastructure, gas, electricity and oil installations, etc.

Why Attend

iHLS INNOTECH 2022 provides the perfect forum for presenting the latest technological innovations in the field, effectively meeting the needs of the sector as a whole and addressing current threats.

The thousands of guests, hundreds of companies and startups will get a close look at the Israeli ecosystem of cyber and HLS technologies.

At iHLS INNOTECH you will be able to showcase your advanced technologies, meet the startups operating in this technological arena, take a firsthand look at the innovative technologies currently being developed, and meet your own business arena: industry leaders, decision-makers, experts, entrepreneurs, customers, and partners.

About iHLS

iHLS is an expert in the advancement of HLS innovation and business networking and the operator of iHLS Security Accelerator and the INNOFENSE Innovation Center run by iHLS alongside the Israel Ministry of Defense. 

The conference and panel discussions will focus on the following topics:

Cyber, HLS, and innovation


  • Cyber incident identification and response
  • Critical infrastructure OT and SCADA
  • Organizational cybersecurity for information systems and the cloud
  • Cyber intelligence
  • Ethical aspects of offensive cyber and intelligence tools at the offensive cyber realm


  • From smart cities to smart spaces – aspects of violence and crime
  • Autonomous systems at the urban sphere
  • Next generations of urban wireless communications
  • Modern era border security – blurred concept
  • Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs panel – Natural disasters with focus on wildfires
  • The future prison


  • Future transportation – personal security, GNSS and GPS survivability and resilienc
  • Shortage in technological manpower
  • Innovation in the IDF – INNOFENSE Program



Nov. 2-3, 2022


Expo Tel Aviv, Pavilion 2

101 Rokach Blvd., Tel Aviv

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Shir Lupescu:  +972-54-9730773  shir@i-hls.com

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